About products

Our company produces a wide range of sheet glass and mirror products.
Mirror tile is a modern decorative material that is perfect for small rooms, as it can visually increase the space. It can be used not only in bathrooms or corridors, but also for decorating living rooms, foyers, hallways for decorating walls, ceilings and creating panels.
Our company produces a mirror of four main types: Functional mirrors are reflective surfaces necessary for comfort during daily personal hygiene procedures. They are mounted in the bathroom, hallway and dressing tables. Decorative mirrors are products that are not used for their intended purpose, but to decorate a room. They can be an independent element or form part of the composition. Mirrors as an interior material - for wall cladding with tiles and panels with a reflective surface. Special mirrors - elements of complex structures or furniture. They are used by designers and architects for the design and additional functionality of complex composite products from various materials.

About technology

Lacobel –is a decorative glass, one side of which is covered with a smooth layer of paint, resulting in glass becomes opaque.
Bevels - are small beveled element of glass or mirror of various shapes.
Bending – is a method of heat treatment of glass in a special furnace, allowing to bend it, giving the desired bending radius using a metal mold.
Fusing – is a stained glass, made in the form of applications of colored pieces of glass, laid out on a glass base, baked in a special oven. The result is an interesting texture of the finished material, bright and voluminous.
Plotter cutting – is a technology that allows to cut the material along the contour of the image of the self-adhesive film. The cutting is produced on a special high-precision machine – the plotter.
"Aluminizing" is the technology of mirror production by spraying aluminum film on the glass surface.
Lamination is the application of a protective film to the back surface of glassware, which protects from shards while damaging.
UV printing is the process of photo printing, using the special inks that harden under the influence of ultraviolet light, forming a polymer coating on the glass. This technology is the most environmentally friendly, what is very important for interior printing.
UV gluing is a modern technology of gluing glass, mirror or metal details by transparent glue and UV light.
A figured glassware - is a product of curvilinear shape or having at least one angle not 90°.
Grinding edge – is processed by diamond-coated grinding wheels, the edge becomes matte.
Polishing edge - is a processed by grinding and polishing wheels at high speeds, the edge becomes transparent.
A bevel - is a decorative chamfer, a beveled side face on a mirror or glass.
Edge "FA" – is the most popular trapezoidal shape of the edge, which provides the best geometry of straight sections of processing.
Edge "PE-pencil" – is the edge of the glass in the form of a semicircle.
Control (reference) template – is a template in full size of the future glassware, made of solid material (hardboard, plywood, chipboard, etc.).
Sandblasting - is the process of exposure to glass or mirror abrasive materials under the influence of air, the surface of the glass becomes matte.
Engraving - is a method of creating an image (drawing, inscription, ornament) on the glass surface by grinding circles with diamond coating, the image becomes matte.
Engraving with polishing - is the application of the image (picture, inscription, ornament) grinding and processing by polishing wheels, the image becomes transparent.

About production

The factory produce mirrors, glassware of sheet glass and mirrors with various treatments.
The factory is located in Tambov Russia.
The factory was founded more than 20 years ago.

About cooperation

We are focused on products selling through distributors and retailers in Russia and other countries. An individual can purchase our products in his region from an authorized retailer or order from one of the distributors in Russia or in other countries.
To order, just select the glassware in the website catalog or calculate a unique product using our calculator, fill out your contact information in the form and click the "Apply for" button.
Our company manager will inform you of the delivery time to your region before the invoice, but as a rule, the delivery time in Russia is two weeks after payment.
Payment for the order is possible after signing the contract with the client and is carried out by transferring non-cash funds on the basis of the bill.