Developing company, become stronger together with the team. The best investment that anyone can make is an investment in personal development. Develop with us!
Our mission: to be the best glass company, making the world a better place.

4 main qualities that unite us:

Consciousness. Our lives are the result of our choices. We choose in what place to be, and what people to surround ourselves;

Growth. Every new day gives us the opportunity to become better than yesterday. We remember this, and we are constantly working on ourselves;

Positive. To see life in positive tones and halftones is a gift. Smiling at the world, we make the impossible possible;

Love for the profession.e spend about 40 hours a week being at work and just have to enjoy the process.

We work with people's potentials.

The best thing a company can do for employees is give them the opportunity to reach their potential. Through educational programs, overseas internships, trust, greater responsibility, cultural enrichment and the right environment, we provide unlimited access to knowledge.